Mirror, Mirror / The Sleeping Beauty and the Wide-Awake Prince

Mirror, Mirror / Do You Know My Name?

Mirror, Mirror / In Reverse

Mirror, Mirror / In the Hood

Mirror, Mirror / Bears in the News

Follow, Follow / The Nightingale’s Emperor

Follow, Follow / Can’t Blow This House Down

Follow, Follow / The Little Mermaid’s Choice

Follow, Follow / Birthday Suit

Follow, Follow / No Bigger Than Your Thumb

Mirror, Mirror/Follow, Follow

In a unique collection of reversible verse, classic fairy tales are turned on their heads. Literally. Read these clever poems, written by Marilyn Singer, from top to bottom. Then reverse the lines and read from bottom to top to give these well-loved stories a delicious new spin.

Illustrator/Concept art
Dutton Children’s Books/Penguin Young Readers Group
2010 / 2013
Picture Book/Album jeunesse